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IB SMART Economics App for iPhone

Here is a demo of the IB SMART Economics App for iPhone (iPad / iPod touch). Get FREE Study tips at: International baccalaureate exam schedule 2012:

things you didn't know about the IB!!! | Advice

just starting out the international baccalaureate? i can help! once again, feel free to message me or comment for any advice and i'll be sure to help you out! xo ~SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS - @DANIABLUB...

Can we still trust the news? do we have to turn to twitter and facebook for the truth?

Hey guys, the news media has been sending some very mixed messages over the past few years. are you guys still confident in what you get from the news networks. Music Courtesy of: Incompetech.c...

IB Note Sharing - ZED Ltd.

ZED Ltd. has decided to launch an app that assists all the International Baccalaureate (IB) students around the world in order to be successful in their studies. ZED Ltd.'s (Private Limited...

International Baccalaureate Exam

International Baccalaureate Exam.

Honors is Awesome (iPhone & iPod)

St. Petersburg College's Honors College provides an exemplary education and an intellectual community that encourages our most talented and motivated students in creativity and deeper understanding...

How to create a TOK presentation

The structures and advices that will help you create a TOK Presentation that will give you high marks.

NextGenWeb Interview with Kevin Huffman

NextGenWeb Interview with Kevin Huffman, Vice President of Teach for America.

How to Make a Line Graph in Numbers on the iPad (one variable)

Are you using the iPad in school? Perhaps your teacher has asked you to graph a single variable over time? This tutorial will help you get started! Founded in 1821, New Hampton School is an...

Let's Talk About the Personal Project

Thanks for watching! Leave any questions you have in the comment sectios and I'll answer to the best of my ability. Blog (IB Section) : (under construction)...

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